Muslim Mindset and Framework

Oct 18, 2023

In the pursuit of a meaningful and purposeful life, it is essential for Muslims to establish a solid mindset with framework that not only connects them with Allah (swt) but also nurtures a deep connection with their own selves. This blog aims to explore the initial principles and practices that can help set one's mind and nature of thinking in the context of serving Allah (swt) while nurturing personal growth. 

Mindset of the Belief System

1. Belief in Allah (swt), His Angels, The Quran, His Messengers, His signs. 

2.  The Quran is the guide for a positive moral compass. The scripture and its wisdom is what shapes and nourishes the soul.

3. What truly matters is the state of our hearts and the intentions of our actions. 

4. Mindset and intentions are key components to manifesting and determining your relationship with God whether you're a practicing Muslim or not.

5.  We are entrusted with the noble responsibility of aligning our behavior and actions with intentions derived from the practice of  righteous deeds.(i.e. the pillars)

6. It is essential to refrain from negative measures fueled by bad intentions or selfish motives that can hinder personal and spritual growth. 

7. Understanding and respecting our boundaries is of utmost importance. 

8.  Continuous learning and practicing good etiquette are essential aspects to daily life like manners, ethics, and character development.

9. We are called to purify our hearts and rid ourselves of negative emotions like jealousy, hatred, or envy. 

10. To have trust and contentment of your wealth and financial state.

11. Patience is a virtue, and it will be tested in the most challenging times of our lives, but it is also a means of drawing closer to Allah (swt) 

There is a common misconception that patience is a sign of weakness when in reality, it requires strength and resilience. Instead of demanding  instant solutions to our complex problems, we are encouraged to trust Allah (swt) decree and have patience knowing that He is Responsive and the best of planners. 

11. We are encouraged to free ourselves from the burden of constantly seeking validation from others and comparing ourselves to their possessions or achievements. We must focus on our own individual journey because you are not "them" and they are not "you." 

12. We are reminded  to be humble and just, refraining from using our power, position, or wealth to exploit or oppress others.

13.  Abstaining from negative behaviors such as backbiting, spying, threatening, or blackmailing is a way of safeguarding ones own well-being. 

14. Negative behavior expressed outwardly can have a detrimental impact on our inner selves.

15. Adopt a gentle and balanced approach to practicing the virtues. It is important to cultivate a sense of love and understanding in our hearts and embody the virtues. There is no rush, all that matters is the maintenance of good intentions. 

Within each of these practices is a depth of knowledge and understanding that we are able to obtain when we open our hearts to Allah (swt) and to ourselves. Within that knowledge and understanding, we gain strength, clarity, and patience.

~ Always go back to number 1.