Navigating Boundary Breach

Oct 22, 2023

By: Nora Taher Barhoum
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In society, there are people who, upon learning about personal choices they don't agree with, feel entitled to discount and ridicule those who hold those views. It's as if they believe that having knowledge of someone's choices gives them the power to silence and demean them.

This behavior can be seen as a form of silent blackmail, where they use their opinions as a weapon to control and manipulate others. However, what these individuals fail to realize is that their understanding is limited and incomplete.

They may think they know everything about a particular matter, but in truth, they only have a superficial understanding. They lack the depth of knowledge and insight necessary to truly comprehend the complexities and nuances of someone else's choices.

By dismissing and ridiculing others based on their own opinions, they create a false sense of superiority and righteousness. They label the arguments of others as "invalid" without taking the time to truly understand and engage with them.

This serves as a distraction from the real issues at hand and prevents meaningful dialogue and understanding from taking place. It is important for individuals to recognize their own boundaries and limitations when it comes to understanding and judging others.

Instead of resorting to dismissive tactics, it is more productive to approach differing opinions with an open mind, seeking to learn and understand rather than to invalidate and ridicule. Only through genuine empathy and respect can we foster a more inclusive and compassionate society.