Religion is Divine Arbitration

Oct 20, 2023

By 🌻 Nora Taher Barhoum 
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When you turn to Allah and plead your case, He listens attentively and responds in a way that encompasses every aspect of your situation. He understands the depth of your concerns and takes it upon Himself to protect and safeguard them.

This does not mean that individuals are exempt from the consequences of their choices or that they can simply rely on Allah to fix all their mistakes. Instead, recognizing that humans are fallible and will inevitably make errors, allows us to openly trust Allah and still be accountable for our actions. 

In His infinite wisdom, Allah never places upon you burdens that exceed your capacity to handle. Instead, He provides you with the strength and resilience necessary to navigate through the challenges you face.

Allah's response is not limited to a mere conclusion or outcome. It goes beyond that. His response is filled with care and compassion, tailored specifically to your needs. He guides you towards self-care, encouraging you to take the necessary steps to nurture your own well-being. He shows you the path of healing, offering support and guidance along the way.

As you walk this path, Allah emphasizes the importance of patience. He reminds you that patience is not just about enduring difficulties, but also about maintaining a steadfast faith and trust in Him.

It is through patience that you can truly embody the qualities of a Muslim, striving to emulate the character of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and seeking comfort in the knowledge that Allah is always there for you, ready to provide the care and guidance you need. In this holistic approach, we create the balance of taking personal responsibility and trusting Allah (swt).